Sunday, November 14, 2010

Clinique Acne Solutions UPDATE (review)

I actually already returned this set so I don't have individual pictures for each of these products, but here's the breakdown.

Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam

- Rich lather
- Cleans well (but drying, see cons)
... That's about all I could come up with

- Fairly drying (esp around the cheeks since I have combination skin)
- Strong chemical-y smell (some people might like it, it's not repulsive, but it's just really strong)
- Not much product (4.2 oz of LIQUID cleanser, not gel... You'd probably run out of this first)
- Does not remove makeup (luckily the girl at the counter told me that, and I know that acne cleansers aren't designed to remove makeup, but I've used a lot of drugstore ones that are excellent at removing makeup and treating acne)

Since the cons outweight the pros... Unless you have super oily skin, I don't really recommend it.

Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion

- Refreshing, makes pores tingle and feel clean
- Seems to treat acne

- Strong chemical smell (seeing a pattern here)
- Slightly drying because of the alcohol (I like alcohol toners, but this could be drying for some)

This is actually my favorite of the 3, but I actually don't have that much good things to say about it. Like I said, if you have oily skin...

Acne Solutions Clearing Moisturizer

- Treats bumps well, not so sure about cystic acne
- Thin consistency, very runny
- Tube packaging is sanitary
- Doesn't feel drying after you put it on, but you'll notice your skin texture looks dry, if that makes sense

- Slightly drying if you put it all over your face (if you only put it on your t-zone or wherever is oily it will probably be fine)
- Very strong chemical smell (... yeah)
- Hard to control product (because it's so runny, a lot more than you need would come out)

I might repurchase this one if my skin ever breaks out horribly, but the chemical smell just makes me feel weird putting this on my face...

As you can tell, I'm not a huge fan of this set. I saw that there was a CRAPLOAD of ingredients in these products, and for skincare I feel like that might be too much. I expected more from Clinique, but of course this set may work wonderfully for people with really oily skin, which I don't have.

I noticed after a week of using this that my cheeks were flaky (I actually stopped using the Clearing Moisturizer all over after 2 days) and my face felt dry. I bought Cetaphil cream to get rid of the flakes, which thankfully worked but ...
My skin is actually less oily now, so if you're looking for that... Maybe try this to minimize the oil then stop using it after a couple days?

Keep in mind that
a) I only used this for a week
b) I have combination skin (oily t-zone, normal to slightly oily cheeks)
c) I have breaks outs here and there, not all over my face


Till next time :)
I hope this was helpful

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