Friday, June 23, 2017

ESSENCE | Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence + Corgi Butt Coin Purse

This essence has a relatively watery texture
I've been using it as a toner and in the beginning, and my skin had a stronger glow to it. If you guys read my foundation reviews (see the most recent one here), I always show you the before. That's how my skin generally looks (as it gets oily throughout the day) but my friend mentioned that my skin seems glowy compared to hers. I think it's all in exfoliation and moisturizing.
Now, a few months later, I don't really notice a difference as much as before, but I continuously use it as it does not irritate my skin as much as SK II (which gave me little bumps, so sad).

$13.99 for 155 ml (5.16 oz)

I'm going to try the Missha Essence next, but this one is decent for the price, I got it from MemeBox here when it was on sale. I think the reason I found it was on someone's blog? I forget if it was Citrine
There's also a rose version here, but I like to try new products too much to repurchase the same thing :P


Random product I found
One of my friends opened an online dog product shop. I don't own a dog (unfortunately) but they have merchandise for humans too. Isn't this corgi butt coin purse just freakin adorable?!

There's a neck headrest too
May or may not have purchased both

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

BB CUSHION | Clinique Super City Block BB SPF 50

Very saturated
I am pretty impressed by the coverage of this BB cushion. It doesn't seem cakey which is nice, 
However, one of the things I can't stand about cushions is it seems to sit on top of your skin, so if I accidentally touch my face, a little bit of BB cream wipes off. Even after I used a powder to set
I probably should've gotten a darker color for summer, when else would you need SPF 50?

$35 for 0.4 oz / 12 g
Strangely enough it's not sold at Sephora, but it is at Ulta and Nordstrom

Monday, June 19, 2017

LIPSTICK | NARS Audacious lipstick

in Juliette

Magnetic closure
I love little details like this
This is a pink coral, which can look a bit neon if you apply too much. This is 1 swipe which I think is much more wearable, esp if you're not comfortable with super bright colors
The lipstick is quite pigmented, probably my 2nd favorite high end lipstick after the YSL (review here). I tried Juliette in stores for several months before I finally decided to order it at 20% off.

$34 for 0.14 oz / 4 g
This was $32 when I bought it, oh how prices increase

For such an expensive lipstick, if you LOVE a color I'd say get it. Otherwise it's always good to wait for the Sephora sale

Sunday, June 18, 2017

FOUNDATION | Revlon Youth FX SPF20

Thick texture
I bought this on a whim at CVS in New Orleans bc my face was getting darker than my BB creams/tinted SPF that I brought with me. Nude 200 matches pretty well without looking too yellow/orange (which tends to happen when I use a foundation that matches my neck)
The coverage is pretty good, it's very smooth but thick, almost like a BB cream. I feel like it's too thick for summer, but it seems good for people who have larger pores or fine lines.

$15+ for 1 oz
This is pretty steep for drugstore, although Revlon's never been "cheap"

Friday, June 16, 2017

LIP TINT | Etude House Balm Color Tint

Love is Sweet
Balm | Balm and Tint | Tint
My friend gave me this bc it is too bright for her taste
I'm not a red lip girl, but this is actually pretty cute if you use the red part sparingly. Compared to the VDL tint (review here) I have, the red part is a lot more pigmented but also takes up a much smaller space on the lip crayon. Also, the fact is has a tip in the beginning makes it harder to get the red tint evenly.
It is decently moisturizing and easy to blend out so the red doesn't look too unnatural with a harsh line in the middle.

$8+ depending on where you get it 
I think Ebay is generally cheaper but Amazon has really good prices these days too
I happen to have a sports bra that matches the lip tint. (Bought this maybe 4+ years ago :P)

Thursday, June 15, 2017

May Ipsy Bag

2 BioRepublic face masks
NYX Whipped Fouette
theBalm Balm Springs blush
Skone Cosmetics black eyeliner (I'm never gonna run out of black liquid liner now)
City Colors Bold Brows

Idk why a bunch of these pinks turn up all baby pink on me
10 years ago I would've loved this color, now... It's so light!

The color is a bit dark/warm for my taste, but the quality seems pretty good

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

DRUGSTORE | New Revlon and Almay Makeup

Volumnizing mascara
Eyeshadow (maybe new colors?)
Eyeliner - there's a ballpoint pen that I don't consider a clever concept, reminds me of the old Maybelline eyeliner that I bought (review here)
Antiaging primer, concealer, foundation
Tubing mascarar
If I wore blush I would totally get some, unfortunately I don't really wear a lot of face products outside of BB cream and powder.
I got darker on my trip in New Orleans (we were outside basically all day. Despite the overcast I still got darker) so I purchased a darker color in the Revlon Youth FX foundation.
I've used it a few times and I like it a lot! It's very silicone-y but has good coverage and blends out very nicely. Will post photos soon

The mascara is a tubing mascara according to the advertisement. Unfortunately, my thin, long lashes just don't do well with nonwaterproof mascaras. It seemed to not smudge much on my smudge prone eye area though, so if you don't have a problem with your lashes staying curled, the mascara might be pretty good
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