Friday, December 29, 2017

Move to Wordpress

Hi all,

I'm not sure how most other bloggers upload photos, but I usually tend to take photos with my iPhone and upload it directly from my phone.
Recently the Blogger app is no longer available for certain iOS platforms, so I've switched to Wordpress (which has a really nice app by the way). If you're interested in still seeing my blogposts, please follow me there! At

Otherwise, my posts will still be available to read here (:

Hope everyone had a good holiday! I am definitely excited for New Years

Also, if you see that my photos seem better quality for whatever reason, it's because I got the iPhone X ;)

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

LIPSTICK | Kiko Cosmetics Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick in 302

In case anyone noticed I haven't posted in a while, it's because I was busy with tax season (I prepare tax returns for corporations, partnerships, and individuals. The deadlines for extensions are in September and October). But also, I've been using Wordpress because the Blogger app is no longer available in the Apple App Store :/ probably because no one really uses it.

In contrast, Wordpress' app is really great.
This will probably be my last blogpost on Blogger (otherwise I think it's quite a process to upload photos from your phone to here. I've tried using the webpage but it's just not worth it).

Not a HUGE fan of their packaging, but I thought this one was cool bc it's magnetic 
Vanilla scented

A bit light for my taste, but I'm sure a lot of people are into these kinds of nudes

Friday, September 22, 2017

LIPSTICK | Too Faced Peach Kiss Moisture Matte Longwear Lipstick

Not sure if the creative director/designer for Too Faced copy this design directly, but it's VERY similar. The Too Faced cap is plastic and a lot lower quality compared to the Tatcha, which justifies the price difference for me, but I love how they smell like peaches but not like the eyeshadow that's more artificial
I will say, I think the Too Faced formula is better if you like matte lipsticks, because it wasn't dry at all.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Oval Brushes - Daiso and MAC?

$2 for small
$4 for large
It's actually pretty soft, I've been using the big one for powder

The handle is very lightweight so you can tell why it's so cheap, but the bristles are nice so that's what matters. Because the handle is so light you have to hold the brush a certain way to maneuver it
I remember when I was at Anthropologie looking at the Artis brush, they said to wipe it on a microbe cloth after each use and wash it once a month, I forgot where my microfiber cloth went so I haven't been wiping it, but I also have only been using powder and not foundation
MAC: $42
I just googled this and the rating is 3.5 stars? Maybe I should've done research on this before getting it. This is not THAT much cheaper than Artis but it is like $15 cheaper
Left: Daiso | Right: MAC
MAC feels a bit softer 

All in all, there seems to be a lot of dupes for the Artis oval brushes. If you were interested but don't want to shell out the money, Real Techniques recently came out with their version at Ulta, and if you have a Daiso near you I think for $2-4 the brushes are SO worth the money.

Friday, September 15, 2017

FOUNDATION | Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation

Watery texture
But less watery than the MUFE Water Blend (review here) when you apply it to the skin
Light, natural coverage - def higher coverage than the MUFE Water Blend
The coverage is pretty natural, excuse that random piece of eyelash near my nose
As you can tell my pores are pretty big, this foundation hides them a little bit even without primer

I think this is pretty moisturizing, at the end of the day there's foundations that will make my skin look really dry, but this one seems ok

Pump packaging

All in all, I do like this foundation. I thought it was amazing the first time I used it, but afterwards it was ok. I'm not a huge liquid foundation girl even though I like to try them because my skin gets so oily by the end of the day, powder foundations just work better for me. I mostly got this because it was on the Costco website for $45 but it retails for $62 for 1 oz / 30 ml

Thursday, September 7, 2017

KOREAN | Retro Classic Lip Crayon in Retro Salmon

Another twist up crayon. Actually I think I only have 4 total, 2 Revlon, 1 Tarte and this one
This is kind of a burnt orange, but it definitely looks better on my hand than on my lips. For some reason the texture is really unattractive on my lips, it seems pretty dry (even if I exfoliate my lips)

I think I got this for $12 on Ebay, a store at Japantown was trying to sell it for $20+
Size: 2.5 g
Basically looks like the Revlon ColorStay lip crayon sans the peppermint scent

Saturday, September 2, 2017

LOUIS VUITTON | Speedy Bandouliere 25

Not sure if the speedy always came like this, but I was surprised that it was so flat

Tiny pocket
I watched Youtube videos comparing the 25 to 30 and decided on the 25. I will say the opening is a bit small if you carry bigger items like a water bottle, but I think the size fits my taste a little more

Purse organizer, I got this after hearing the speedy doesn't hold its shape over time if you don't have stuff inside. This does add some weight, but if you use it mostly as a top handle purse. I wanted to use it as a cross body, but it only looks cute if you wear it on your shoulder
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