Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jewelmint Here to Eternity Set

Gold-plated and rose gold-plated

For reference of length, this is at full length with the 3" extender chain. I am wearing it with a Costco Kirkland white cami that comes with 2 in a pack.

This is at the original length without the 3" extender chain

Link to the Here to Eternity Set here
The earrings, they might not look that small up close but they're pretty small, I barely see them from afar (and by afar I mean like maybe 2 meters away from my closet mirror)

This was my top match for the month of August, and I have to say, although I don't like gold, I love this three-tiered design. This necklace is a little bit shorter at 16 1/2" (the other necklaces I own are 18") but at least there's an extender. The three tiers consist of (according to the Jewelmint description) a double weaver's knot, a Love charm, and a pave crystal bar.
Now all Jewelmint needs is an option to choose between silver and gold, since I much prefer silver or white gold.

If you are not familiar with Jewelmint, it is basically a jewelry monthly subscription service that tries to match their unique designs to your tastes as you choose and take away jewelry from your "showroom" on their website. They come out with new designs every month, so if you're into jewelry you probably won't get bored. Although they do occasionally have tacky pieces with crazy colors and designs, there are ones that're decent and classy. Nearly all their gold jewelry is gold-plated, and although the quality is not amazing, but it's pretty good considering the unique designs... I'd try to catch the two or three for one deals though.
Prices are $29.99 for each piece, but they sometimes have sets that contain two to three pieces in a box. 
As of right now, they almost ALWAYS have coupon codes for first time purchases, check out the newest coupon codes here on Retailmenot, which is a great site for coupons on any website.
After your first purchase, you are "subscribed" but not obligated to pay every month, if you like anything one month you can skip it, but after skipping you can still buy jewelry. If you forget to skip a month after first five days of a month, you will be charged $29.99 for a credit.
I currently own 5 pieces of Jewelmint jewelry, including this one. See my other pieces from Jewelmint here.

One problem I do have with Jewelmint is they sell out a lot, so if you see a piece that you really like in stock it's a good idea to buy it... You can return pieces but you have to pay shipping, I haven't returned anything yet 'cos I just realized you can do returns after searching for it for this blogpost o.o lol
But they bring back popular pieces, luckily (not so lucky for ppl who want to unique)

For reference, this blogpost isn't sponsored by anybody, this is my honest opinion about the site and their jewelry.

What do you think?
Do you like this design? Or do you think that pairing two jewel tones together is tacky?


  1. I just bought this necklace and it's on it's way right now. I have heard a lot of people say that it tangles a lot. Do you find this to be an issue?

  2. @ Bloo The three chains do get tangled sometimes but it's not a LOT for me. I think it depends on how you store it

  3. hi! i was wondering do they still have in stock for this triple necklace ? thank you

  4. @ Anonymous Sorry I failed to link it in the blog post, I added it but here it is http://www.jewelmint.com/jewelry/here-to-eternity-set if this doesn't work, search "Jewelmint Here to Eternity" and it will probably the first link that pops up. It looks like they still have some in stock


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