Monday, January 24, 2011

Review: Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse

Hi everyone,
I've had this for a while as well... But didn't review it on my blog, so here it is

Shown in Natural Ivory (Light 3)
The squirt was actually by accident b/c the pump was clogged from being left in the corner unused, lol.

- Leaves satin finish
- Good for dry skin (according to many people that love it)
- Nice pump packaging

- Broke me out (unless I use a primer under it)
- Not good for oily skin, by the end of the day, even with powder to set, it'll look greasy

I really wanted to like this foundation because I like Maybelline very much, but breakouts isn't something I can just stomach. It has a good finish but I haven't touched this since over a year ago when it broke me out. I did hear that they reformulated this though... Any of you guys tried it lately?


Price: $6-8
1 oz / 30 ml

I've decided to stop rating things because it's really up for you to decide whether products are suitable for your skin, I hope this helped.

Till next time :)

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