Wednesday, November 2, 2016

REVIEW | Gemini Mint Colored Contacts

Hi everyone
Sorry I haven't really posted in a while, I recently moved and have been busy organizing
I purchased the Gemini contacts after seeing Jenn Im wear them in one of her tutorials, and of course I couldn't resist the "mint" name tag.

Photo on the website

The way the green in this lens mixes in with the wearer’s natural eye color is simply beautiful. Strong, yet soothing and comforting. Lighter than The GREEN. *Lens color may almost look yellow at first glance, but put them in your eyes. Ahhh MINT GREEN.

Diameter: 14.3mm
Base Curve (BC): 8.8mm
Water Content: 40%

In real life
I don't know if you guys are familiar with the Solotica lenses, but these remind me of photos I've seen of the Solotica Mel lenses.

When I got these in the mail I was like. ???
I had ordered two and it was a long package, then I opened it and was like. Oh it's so fancy
However, the case doesn't seem super high quality compared to the ones included in the Alcon (Opti-Free) solutions

Lenses on brown eyes

Full face photo

More comfortable than Solotica
Iris enlarging
Nice packaging

Recommended 3 months use
Website doesn't have photo of lenses on different eye colors

Gemini lenses are A LOT more comfortable than the Solotica ones. The base curve seemed a little curvy for my eyes, but they fit fine.
If you're interested in any of the colors, I highly recommend these as they are a lot more comfortable than the Solotica ones without being overly unnatural. I always love green eye colors, but I bought the grey ones too, can't wait to blog about it when I open them 

I bought mine here, with free shipping :)


Would I recommend it?
Definitely. But I know some colors might look less natural due to the enlarging effect.

Fun photo
Hello Kitty filter on Snapchat! I am wearing the lenses here, you can't see the green as much but you can tell my eyes are lighter

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