Thursday, February 17, 2011

Review & Swatches: NYX lip glosses

Excuse the blurriness, my hands were slightly shaky

(From top to bottom)
Sweetheart (frosty nude)
Pink Frost (frosty pink, so true to its name)
Beige (Medium pink, totally NOT beige)
Orchid (plummy fuchsia)

Slightly slanted sponge tip applicator

Beige (excuse the slight mustache in these, I have dark hair, and it also doesn't help that my skin is light -_-)

Pink Frost

Sweetheart (looks almost like Pink Frost, but in real life it's more nude)

Orchid (looks kind of stained in the picture, but that's the color sheered out)

Lip swatches on napkins? Lol

What's left of the first swatches after going over them with a lip brush

- Pigmented
- Shiny (very glossy at first, but loses shine as it wears)
- Smells fruity 
(ppl say it's fruit punch, at 1st I thought it didn't smell good, but now I'm kind of neutral about it)
- Nice packaging
- Inexpensive for large amount of product (see value)

- Sponge-tip applicator applies wayyy too much product; I used a lip brush for the pictures
- Settles into lip lines after a while

$4-5 for 0.53 oz / 15 mL
Can be found at Ulta, Cherry Culture, NYX website

I definitely recommend this if you're into lip gloss.
The slant-tip applicator sometimes apply too much gloss for my taste, but the quality is excellent, very pigmented and shiny.

If I ever run out, which isn't any time soon, lol

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