Friday, February 18, 2011

Review & Swatches: L'Oreal HiP Duo eyeshadow

Shown in Magnetic, Charisma, Sassy, Platinum

Interior packaging

Magnetic (satin silver, dark navy with navy shimmer)
The silver is very gray on the eyes, and the navy comes out just kind of dark, more black than navy

Charisma (satin mauve, semi-matte purple)
 (arm swatches are from the previous swatch, so it's just one swipe)

Sassy (satin taupe/copper, shimmery peacock teal)

Platinum (bright metallic silver, black with slight shimmer that doesn't show on the eyes)

- Pigmented
- Good color selection

- Hard to blend on eye (ends up looking muddy sometimes)

I do recommend this if you're looking for some unique colors, but if you're planning to use a color in the crease, when it blends out it might looks a little muddy if not unblended. I would recommend Wet n Wild or Maybelline eyeshadow palettes if you're just getting into eyeshadow.
I haven't personally tried the matte line or the "crystal" line with all the glitter, but I hear those are not very good, check MakeupAlley for details.

Maybe if they come out with a color I am absolutely in love with, otherwise... No

Price: $8 for 2.4 g (1.2 g each)


  1. Oooh I love charisma!! I really wish you could get these in the uk ,they look so awesome :3

  2. ohhh so all shades honey. i'll buy some soon.

  3. When I got it there was no mirror lol. When did u purchase it? Do u remember?

  4. @ Anonymous
    Really? Wow. It's been a while lol so I guess they changed the packaging, lamee. I think I purchased this over a year ago

  5. @ rakhshanda Haha I hope you love them :)

  6. @ KawaiiFreakxXx Charisma was one of my favorites too! Aw :( do a swap or something?


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