Wednesday, March 2, 2011

First Impression: Sketcher's Shape-Ups

 Top view

Side view

Improve posture
Strengthen back
Firm "buttock" muscles
Tones and firms thigh muscles
Firms calf muscles
Improve blood circulation
Tighten abdominal muscles
Reduce knee joint stress

I purchased this for $49.99 at Costco, I know they're sold at Macy's but idk where else, probably in all the department stores and select shoe stores.

Gives ~1 inch height (as you can tell from the side view)

Limited selection of colors and style, all look kind of bulky

I think this is a great concept, and most comfortable walking shoes aren't that pretty anyway, so anyone in the market for new comfortable sneakers should give this a try. Idk if it really helps your body that much, but I do feel a slight workout in my legs when I walk with this on campus (mind you, there's a lot of walking done at school)

I know that there are branches of this Shape-Up line that's very expensive, like flip flops and some other type of shoe; so if you have the money to spare maybe try those out in stores?

Till next time :)

Will update if new thoughts come up

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