Sunday, April 24, 2011

Review & Swatches: NYX Round lipsticks

Black Cherry: dark red
I don't think red's do well in this type of texture, it's too creamy and going over the same area with lipstick makes the color unevne

Not applied very well not that I look at it up close... I tried.

Thalia (neutral mauve)

Strawberry Milk (cool-toned baby pink)

Harmonica (frosty light pink)

Orange Soda (skintone nude, cream finish)

Sorry about the inconsistent lighting, I took these pictures on different days so I don't have to waste the lipstick or makeup remover.
The color in the pictures are generally accurate, except for Strawberry Milk which is more pink than lavender in real life.

- Creamy texture
- Goes on smooth
- Pigmented
- No scent / odor
- Large color selection

- Made in China
- Swatches online and on the bottom of the lipstick are sometimes misleading
- Kind of hard to find in drugstores

At the inexpensive price, I do recommend it because they are good lipsticks.
After trying Black Cherry (cream), I can safely say that I can't pull off a dark red.
Thalia (cream) is supposedly a dupe of Rimmel Lasting Finish in Airy Fairy, but Airy Fairy is a more complex color.
Strawberry Milk (cream) is a cool-toned pale pink, looks a bit lavender in the picture.
Harmonica (frost) is a frosty light pink.
Orange Soda (cream) is a dupe of Revlon Nude Attitude
I thought I'd like Strawberry Milk the best but it seems that Harmonica is more flattering on me.

$3-5 depending on where purchased.
I have seen these at the Basic clothing store, Ulta, and select beauty boutiques around NorCal.

Yes, but only other colors


  1. I think thalia and blackcherry look really nice on you =D

    I have a few NYX round lipsticks. they are incredibly opaque but sometimes I feel they are over pigmented, like putting pastals on lips LOL

  2. @ ♥ Pixie D ♥ Thanks! I'm not a huge fan of Black Cherry actually lol I guess if you see it on my whole face it's kind of bleh. I honestly don't like any of the ones I own right now, I'm over the pale colors


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