Sunday, June 12, 2011

Review: L'Oreal HiP Color Truth Cream eyeliner


After rubbing my skin several times

- Creamy (before it dries out)
- Pigmented
- Decent color selection (purple, teal, brown)

- Smudges slightly
- Doesn't dry out too quickly

Although this was the first cream liner in a pot that came out in drugstores, there are many brands with gel / cream eyeliners now. The best one I've tried is from Wet n Wild, for only $4. If you're interested in a cream liner, I would skip out on this one, esp with its price tag.
TIP: To keep your cream / gel liners moist, try sticking your brush in the same spot in the pot before before moving on to other areas. These liners have a protective layer on top to keep them from drying out before use, and if you poke around and destroy the entire top layer, it's bound to dry out faster.

$12.99 for 0.159 oz / 4.5 g

Definitely not

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