Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Review & Swatches: Revlon Super Lustrous lip glosses

 I spent quite some time on this post, hope you guys enjoy!
Hopefully the term swatch fest isn't copyrighted or something, haha.

Coral Reef -- Life's a Peach -- Nude Peach (limited edition) 

Bare Lips -- Life's a Peach
Nude Peach (limited edition) -- Coral Reef

Life's a Peach: Sheer peachy color with pink shimmer
Nude Peach: Frosty peach
Coral Reef: Coral with cream finish (no shimmer)

Glossy Rose -- Cherries in the Glow

Glossy Rose -- Bare Lips -- Cherries in the Glow

Glossy Rose: Rosey color with golden shimmer
Cherries in the Glow (discontinued, sorry): Sheer-ish red

Pink Whisper -- Pink Pursuit -- Nude Lustre

Bare Lips -- Pink Whisper
Pink Pursuit -- Nude Lustre

Pink Whisper: Frosty light pink
Pink Pursuit: Pink with silver shimmer
Nude Lustre: Nude with slight pink tone

Excuse the different lighting, but the lip glosses are true to color

- Pigmented for a lip gloss
- Glossy
- Not sticky
- Large color selection (and different finishes)
- Classy packaging
- SPF 15

- Could be slightly drying
- Settles into fine lines of the lips after a while

$5-10 for 0.2 oz / 5.9 ml
I find it is cheapest ($7.49) retail at Rite Aid and Ulta. But of course it is cheaper at Target and Walmart, for around $5.49 each. Try catching the 40% off Revlon sales like I do, I've seen them mostly at Rite Aid and Walgreens, and Ulta very occasionally.

There are many people who like these glosses. I personally like the pigmentation and the SPF 15, but the feel on my lips... Not so much. It's a little bit drying after 20 minutes on my lips, but if I put on a lip balm before hand it helps.

Some people might disagree that these aren't that glossy, but it depends on how much you put on. This is potentially very glossy. It is on the "less glossy" side though, compared to the Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lip glosses, which are super glossy and shiny.
I didn't purchase all of these at once, in case you were wondering. I just accumulated them as sales appeared (namely 40% off sales). You might see in the name labels that Coral Reef and Pink Whisper look different from the others. That is the most recent labeling, since I bought it just a few weeks ago.

Who would I recommend this to?
If you don't like lip glosses because they're mostly sheer, you might enjoy the pigment in these.
If you don't like the feeling of sticky glosses, these aren't that sticky.
If you don't like super shiny glosses because they're too obvious, these provide a subtle shine when applying a light layer.
If you don't like glosses that feel drying, I think some of the colors are worth it to put a lip balm on underneath.

My personal favorites:
Coral Reef
Pink Pursuit (this color contributes to Breast Cancer research btw)
Life's a Peach

Yes, but not all the colors.

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