Friday, August 2, 2013

Splurge: Chanel Sunglasses

I added text on the pic in case someone took the pic and pretended to sell it or something

I don't know what everyone's favorite luxury brand is, but I've always wanted a pair of Chanel sunglasses since I started working when I turned 18. Hopefully once I graduate I will have a job where I can afford to buy a Chanel handbag and matching wallet.
However, Chanel accessories are not offered online at Nordstrom or Bloomingdales. Two weeks ago, I was lucky to have gone somewhere near Union Square in San Francisco, CA to take care of something. Of course I couldn't resist going to Bloomingdale's to see if they have Chanel sunglasses.

I originally wanted the 5205 which had a bow with the double C logo, but that style is not offered anymore and I don't trust any websites that sell it. Since I get a discount at Bloomy's, I figured I'll just get the sunglasses and see what happens.
I absolutely LOVE these sunglasses, I wasn't crazy about them in the store but it was the best choice for my face shape. After wearing them for 2 weeks... I am really glad I got these <3

These retail for $340 in stores, which is VERY expensive but I figure... I will never want to spend this much money on any other brand of sunglasses, so I will treat myself this time for my 21st birthday (2 months early... But hey).

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  1. If it's going to last for years I guess 340 isn't all that much (My mom had a high-end one that she used for more than a decade and she still hasn't have any wrinkle (well, I guess her skin type is the one that sags instead of wrinkle as she ages) now she turned 50. Anyway, the case is really cute and it looks like a timeless design...


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