Friday, December 26, 2014

PICTORIAL | Smokey Eye for Hooded Lids

1. Definer (entire lid)
2. Crease (above the dark color)
3. Eyelid (inner half/corner)
 4 (finished)

Sorry about the lashes and eyeliner... I took photos reviewing a mascara during the day and decided at night to do a pictorial #notwellplanned

You can apply your eyeliner however you want of course, I like the longer eyeliner slight wing type look. I've noticed that falsies and the way you do your liner really makes the look, so feel free to experiment (:

I'm not really good at eyeshadow, this is one of the few ways I know how

I know a lot of girls with larger creases do light colors to dark colors, but I find that the Wet n Wild shadows are blendable enough that if I start with dark it works. Also, for hooded lids you have to place the dark color all over the lid rather than the outer corner, otherwise you don't really see much in the end.

Excuse my pores and acne scars, I still haven't figured out a good set of skincare to get rid of my spots >_<

Although I realized recently... I might've been using an ineffective sunscreen, since freckles are mostly from sun damage.
I'm going to try higher quality sunscreens from now on

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