Sunday, May 31, 2015

SUNSCREEN | Biore UV Tint Milk SPF30

Matte finish
Oil controlling
Kind of evens out skin tone

Tint makes very little difference
Limited color selection

~$13 or more for 1 oz / 30 ml depending on where you buy it, I recommend Ebay

Rating: B+
I enjoy using this when I don't really have any breakouts. If I have a pimple, this dries the area where the pimple or acne scar is (because of my acne treatment) and makes it a bit flaky. This sunscreen feels a bit silicone-y when applied, so moisturizing foundations/BB creams wear really well over it, but not so much for the thinner, drier ones. I noticed that this makes my skin look a bit dry if I don't apply moisturizer beforehand, and if I do apply moisturizer beforehand the tint is basically gone. But it does control oil pretty well, which I find all these shake beforehand, liquidy sunscreens tend to do. Similar sunscreens I've tried is the Shiseido one (blue bottle) and a bunch of sunscreens that brands carry these days.

I've been on the search for tinted SPF lately, this would be great for people who have perfect skin, not so much for people like me, but I will use it up since it contains SPF on days I don't really need to look my skin is good.


Would I recommend it?
Not a must have, but if you want a tinted sunscreen this is worth trying

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