Sunday, September 11, 2016

MASCARA | Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Wet waterproof mascara

What it is:
A 24-hour wear, volumizing and waterproof mascara. 

What it does:
Get waterproof, lush lashes in just one swipe. This all-in-one mascara provides volume, length, and definition, and it’s formulated with fine, fluid Microfil technology for intensely captivating lash texture. The micro-waxes are blended with a fineness agent to allow for smooth and easy application, creating lightweight volume and length. The oversized patented lash brush features a bristle weave design that coats and texturizes lashes in less strokes—creating a striking lash look that lasts all day. 

What else you need to know:
The patented asymmetrical applicator allows for the optimal amount of formula to be loaded onto the brush.

Top | Bare curled lashes
Middle | 1 coat 
Bottom | 2 coats

My left lashes are shorter and thinner, so I like to wipe off less mascara when I take out the wand to give more volume.

Smudges less than any mascara I've tried
Natural looking
Very waterproof
Holds a curl well

Makes lashes feel brittle

$32 for 0.22 oz 

If you often have mascara smudging on your undereye (like me), you'll appreciate the lasting power of this mascara in terms of smudging. Raeview says it's budge proof, which might be true depending on how oily/moist your eye area is. It's definitely waterproof but not entirely oil proof (which makes sense, bc how else would we remove it). 

Personally I like mascaras that can be built up all at once (like the Maybelline Lash Sensational that I so often mention), instead of waiting for it to dry between coats like the GA. I wasn't wowed by 1 coat but 2 coats definitely do the trick. I actually purchased this full price when I was in Vegas (shocking, I know) and I surprisingly reach for it all the time over my other drugstore mascaras that I love. If I want really dramatic lashes I'll still go to Maybelline, but for a long lasting natural lash - Giorgio Armani is the way to go. 


Would I recommend it?
If you don't mind the price point this is definitely a good mascara to try

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