Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Louis Vuitton - My Thoughts

Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch Monogram Canvas
Retail: $775
Probably my favorite of the 3, it doesn't fit a water bottle per se, but it fits more than you think


Louis Vuitton Key Pouch Damier Azur Canvas
Retail: $200

My most used item, this is my keychain/wallet that I carry around everyday. Now that I have a FOB key for my car, it is mostly in my pocket or purse. I have larger wallets which I try to use from time to time, but every time I try the larger wallet just seems so bulky and not pocket friendly. I definitely love the convenience of this size. I wish I had purchased it back when they had the White Multicolor canvas though, it was super cute (photo below).

Image result for louis vuitton multicolor white key holder


My workbag
The inside is lined with red fabric with lines, idk why the official photo has a pale fabric inside. I love that this comes with a sizeable clutch, so I feel like I'm getting my money's worth
The only thing about these Neverfull bags is they're a bit heavy for travel. Whenever I do travel, I bring my Long Champ purse (which is nylon and super lightweight) even though it's older and beat up. It is very roomy as you can tell, you can change the shape of the bag with the leather strings on the two sides, although it's not a perfect system bc it doesn't look that aesthetically pleasing.


Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Damier Ebene Canvas
Retail: $1,260
With my initials! I got this in Vegas and waited a couple hours for the initials

As you can tell I'm not great at taking shots over larger items, nor do I have a pretty background to make a photo look pretty, so I included photos that Louis Vuitton have on their website.

Hope all this designer stuff isn't boring you guys
After I finally graduated and got my big girl job, I am all over the place looking for things I like after working a loooot of over time my "first" tax season. ("" because I've been through one before, but it's not nearly as vigorous because that job did not pay over time, and the work was a lot simpler)

However, I purchased the Eva clutch after my internship ended last summer as a little treat for myself, and I think it's totally worth it. After purchasing two LV items, I can see why sooo many people have Louis Vuitton.

Reason 1:
It's super low maintenance, at least the canvas is. I can throw this anywhere and not worry about it being scratched. The white keychain will get a bit dirty of course, but I think it was designed to just look that way (the white blocks have a bit of faint lines imprinted on it if you look closely)

Reason 2:
They're not as expensive as Chanel or Dior or Prada or most other luxury brands. Obviously this is up for debate, but if you ever look into luxury leather goods - they range from at least $2,000 for a good sized handbag. Louis Vuitton, however, is much less than $2,000.

If you're looking for small leather goods that LAST, I highly recommend checking out LV. I know their canvas isn't everyone's thing because it's kind of showy saying LV all over. But in the end... I love it for the quality.
One thing I have to say though - if you go to China, there's going to be a lot of people with cheap knockoffs. But also if you're going to China there's no real reason to bring designer handbags, it might attract pocket pickers, just saying.

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