Sunday, May 28, 2017

HANDBAGS | Valentino?

I was casually strolling through an outlet mall in the Bay Area and discovered this bag at Saks Off Fifth. I've never heard of nor seen Valentino bags, so I thought I'd take a look.
This blush colored leather bag caught my eye, it has a similar shape and chain to the oh so popular Chanel bag but not nearly as expensive.

What really sold me is this compartment, I've seen other knock off Chanel designers but they generally don't have a divider in the middle (although... take a look at the zipper, the quality of the fabric inside that bag is also incredibly cheap feeling. What kind of color is this?
Granted, this bag is slightly larger than my other crossbodies, but I do like the little divider
Low quality dust bag, it's a little sad that even Coach and Michael Kors comes with a nicer bag than this... If I didn't buy this at Saks Off 5th I would think this bag was a knock off from China
Even the authentication tags look cheap/fake, no?

Official details
I'm semi-regretting this purchase as I type this blog post. I'm not really into the quilted leather and chain bags anymore, but I've been really into neutral (esp grey) leathered goods lately.
See the Saks page here
For $400, the quality is good enough. I can't imagine paying full price for any of the real Valentino bags, the designs are so sub-par. Although the collections I see on Nordstroms website is very true to their rock stud style

Upon more research, it seems like Valentino at the outlet stores is by Mario Valentino. Aka, NOT THE DESIGNER YOU MIGHT BE THINKING OF.

But interestingly,
Mario Valentino claims to have begun their business in 1952
Valentino Garavani found his company in 1960
However, I feel like people (like me) who aren't familiar with all the designers would easily think that this line of handbags are from Valentino Garavani. Now it makes sense why the dust bag and tags are so low quality... Bc it's not designed to be a luxury brand

Valentino Garavani's line of leathered goods are sold at Nordstroms and presumably most high end department stores.

Least expensive:
I just realized Michael Kors has done something similar a few years back (presumably copying Valentino), no wonder it doesn't appeal to me

Most expensive:
Look at the price on these bags o_O I can only imagine spending that kind of money on LV or Chanel


  1. That's really deceptive! Speaking of which, I remember seeing (this) valentino wallet at a premium outlet for 100ish so. And if I were younger (I used to buy stuff just because "it was premium brand and a good deal")I would have bought it...

    The style was similar to this (not rocker but kind of dressy lady).

    1. Haha I ended up returning it after realizing it's Mario Valention. There's a Chanel bag that kinda looks like this from Spring 2017... Tempting


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