Friday, December 31, 2010

New Almay displays

Hi everyone,
First of all... Happy New Year! ('s Eve)
I can't believe it's 2011 already, but then again time flies when you're doing nothing, lol.

Now onto the post
I found out a while ago that Almay is owned by the same parent company that products Revlon, so of course some of the releases are similar to Revlon, just more expensive in my opinion

Almay Wake Up powder foundation
Definitely similar to the Revlon ColorStay Aqua

Almay Smart Shade Smart Balance powder
Looking up close that pattern is just how the powder looks, it's not plastic or anything, just straight up powder in a pattern, still neat

Almay Intense I-color
Basically revamped their packaging to imitate the new L'Oreal eyeshadows, I feel like

Almay One Coat Get Up & Grow
A lot of brands are coming out w/ nourishing mascaras now, I wonder if they actually make a difference

Till next time :)

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