Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Revlon displays + brushes from Walmart

More new drugstore stuff! I can't wait for these products to go on sale. Drugstores never have BOGOF anymore though -_- only BOGO50% off

Revlon ColorBurst lipgloss
And new lipstick shades?

Revlon ColorStay Aqua
Idk if any of you know/noticed, but the ColorStay mineral foundation apparently oxidizes and isn't very good. I wonder if this is much better...

Excuse the picture, idk why it's red on the right
Anyway, if you're interested in Revlon brushes, check out Walmart? It's cheaper than retail unless it goes on sale at drugstores.

I bought the angled HD blush brush of this, the white brush hairs on the left are for mineral makeup. Interesting, no? These are all under $10

Till next time :)

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