Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mini-Haul: The Body Shop B2GOF sale

Hi everyone,
I was checking out the Body Shop website the other day, and I found that they have a Buy Two Get One Free on all their skin care products

I recently for whatever reason have been into toners, so I got a few of theirs.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner ($11)
Has talc powder that you mix in with the toner to control oil

Tea Tree Skin Clearing facial wash ($11)
Saw in xteeener's skincare video wayyy back, I wonder if the whole tea tree concept is actually effective on acne.

Vitamin E hydrating toner ($12)
If any of you watch fuzkittie, this is like one of the few (if not only) less expensive skin care products she use. I actually read in comments or somewhere that it's kind of like Asian softeners that prep your skin for makeup rather than clean off extra residue.

Have you guys tried any of these?
Let me know.

Till next time :)


  1. Body shop has the buy 2 get one free sale quite often (which is great :D)

    I got almost all of the same things as you when I bought it with that promotion going on which was back in September, I think. I got the tea tree toner and facial wash, but instead of getting the vitamin E hydrating toner, I picked up the face mist.

    I got the tea tree stuff to clear up my acne, but I think I started breaking out more, not too much though. The facial wash dried up my skin ):

    and since it's winter, i stopped using the tea tree line cause it's too drying, I think I might go back to it in spring.

  2. @ J
    Really? I don't notice their sales but I know they had a charity sale where you buy a bag n everything you put in it is 50% off

    Thanks for the info, I really wanted to try the toner 'cos of the talc powder in it but maybe it's not very good, and the facial wash was just 'cos I didn't really want anything else in the store lol


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