Saturday, February 12, 2011

Review: Physician's Formula Bamboo Wear Silk face powder

Shown in Beige

- Not chalky/powdery
- Refillable packaging, more eco-friendly (as you can tell, I didn't get the actual packaging since it was like $6-7)

- Horrible odor, between sour and bitter, can't really smell it too much from the pan but on your face it's very, very strong
- Minimal coverage
- Comes in only 3 colors, translucent, creamy natural, and beige

I would steer clear of this powder at all costs, because the smell isn't something you can just get over. The texture is not bad but, really, who wants something that smells sour/bitter on your face?

Absolutely not

~$10-11 for 0.33 / 9.5 g

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