Sunday, February 13, 2011

Review & Swatches: Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks

Hi everyone,
Revlon lipsticks are one of the most popular lipsticks in drugstores, mostly due to its color selection but also the formula, this is my review of two different finishes :)

Shown in Twinkled Pink

Comparison of Twinkled Pink and Silver City Pink
Twinkled Pink is a bit more pink but both are quite frosty on the lips (I couldn't really tell a difference)

Twinkled Pink
Excuse the slightly blurry pic, my camera focuses weird sometimes

Silver City Pink
Very frosty but with a lighter pink undertone

Not sure why it looks halfway decent on the lips, but it's much more orange than this

Artificial bathroom lighting

with flash

Pink in the Afternoon (cream, medium cool-toned pink)

- Creamy (creme finishes are smoother than the pearl finishes)
- Good color selection
- Classy packaging

- Not moisturizing

I definitely recommend these lipsticks because there's so much to choose from. I don't recommend pearl finishes because there's way too much shimmer but barely any color, basically just looks frosty. I do want to try more colors from Revlon but I haven't seen any that I would actually wear.

Maybe other colors

Varies by location, but probably $8.49 at the most

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  1. Great post, Silver Pink City is one of my favorite drugstore lipsticks.



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