Wednesday, May 4, 2011

EOS Limited Edition flavors

EOS limited edition flavors ($5.99 @ Walgreens)
Strawberry Sorbet and Passionfruit
I am very unimpressed with the scent of these, esp the Strawberry Sorbet one. They smell very faintly of artificial fruit, the Passionfruit one is a tad bit better but that's not saying much. If it weren't for the pastel colored packaging I'd just return it, bleh.

Sinful Colors nail polish in Unicorn ($0.99 on sale @ Walgreens)

Idk about you guys but these colors remind me of Easter :)


  1. Passionfruit one seems interesting!

    i want unicorn so badly =( i have seen it in couple blogs, its such a the light creamy yellow. *cry*

  2. @ ♥ Liz W ♥ Why don't you get it? It's $2 at the most


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