Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My First Jewelmint Purchase (Casati necklace, Monte Carlo bracelet)

Comes in semi-sturdy boxes with a suede material with a sponge backing to hold the necklaces in.

Casati Necklace ($29.99 including the bracelet)
The set I purchased is sold out now, but here's a link to the necklace by itself here
I think they'll probably bring it back since it's so popular
The chain has more weight to it than I expected, but it's not too surprising since the links are very sturdy.

The bracelet came in a suede pouch

Monte Carlo Bracelet (part of the set, out of the four summer sets they have)
Link here
FYI if you have thinner wrists, this will be a really loose fit on you. I have moderately sized wrists and it's still pretty loose.

The pieces I purchased are gold-plated. I'm not huge on the color gold; I much prefer silver, but this necklace looked really nice with the Daphne Pendant from Jewelmint that I figured might as well.
Jewelmint has been popular on Youtube lately, and if you're planning to order, be sure to check Retail Me Not for a coupon code off your first purchase. I don't know if they have any codes for purchases after the first though.

If you live on the west coast, your order will come much quicker than the 5-7 business days they said. Mine was supposed to come on May 27 but it came on May 23rd. :)

Also... Is there an picture upload limit to blogspot? I wanted to put the Daphne Pendant in the same blogpost but it wouldn't load. Oh well


  1. cute jewelry~ hahah yeah Jewelmint has been all over youtube. :)

  2. @ Popcorn Thanks! Haha I know right, I finally broke down and got some


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