Monday, May 9, 2011

My First Juicy Couture Tote

I purchased this off ideeli for $115 + shipping
I have to say... I can't see anyone buying this for the retail price, $228... Really? Even at $115 it seems overpriced for a bag that doesn't seem that sturdy; but I'll test it out to see whether it really is a flimsy piece.

The main problem with this bag is you can't really tell it's Juicy, not that I mind too much b/c carrying a designer bag around can sometimes seem a little conspicuous.

I do like the satin finish of this bag, and it's huge, definitely enough to fit my school materials. Because it is made mainly with fabric, the bag is very light on its own, so it won't add too much extra weight in addition to my folders and whatnot.

FYI: If you ever plan to order from ideeli, keep in mind you can't return a lot of things, so read the return policy first before making an impulsive purchase

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