Sunday, May 8, 2011

Review: L'Oreal Smooth Souffle makeup

Bare skin after moisturizer

With the foundation on

Shown in Classic Ivory (2nd to lightest shade)

- Easy to blend
- Makes skin feel very smooth
- Skin looks less porous
- Semi-matte finish

- Light coverage
- Accentuates flakes / dry skin (as do most face makeup, but I thought I'd throw it out there)
- Has silicone-based ingredient (dimethicone)
- Jar packaging (not the most sanitary; someday they'll put these in tubes... Right?)
- Color is lighter than usual

I love the feel of this foundation my skin, but there's no way I can wear this when I have a large, raised acne spot. It gives light coverage (as you can tell from the picture), and makes your skin look less porous.
The color looks dark in the jar, but it goes on lighter (I think b/c of the dimethicone), almost too light, which is a problem for me since my face is already paler than the rest of my body.
My skin doesn't react badly to the dimethicone ingredient, but if yours do, beware. Since the texture is very airy and light, it didn't break me out.

The texture of this, if you try to blend a large amount in, is very strange. When I tried it on my hand, it seemed to ball up, but as you keep blending, it blends in flawlessly. So don't worry if it balls up, it'll blend in.

If you have little bumps or active acne on your face, I would not recommend this. This is very much a "good skin" day foundation, which is kind of an oxymoron since most people wouldn't wear foundation on a good day; unless you're taking pictures :)

$12-15 for 0.67 oz / 20 mL

Maybe. I'm more interested in the primer now

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