Saturday, June 25, 2011

Naked, at last

Sephora brand Mineral foundation in 15 Clair (2nd lightest shade)
$5 (on sale)
It says hydrating on the box which kind of reminds me of the Bare Minerals hydrating mineral veil (link at Sephora here).If you see this in stores I've seen lots of good reviews about it, and $5 is pretty good for Sephora.

Urban Decay Naked palette ($48 retail)
If I didn't have a Sephora gift card and Naked being out of stock during sales, I wouldn't have purchased this at retail price. I really wish they kept the eyeliner instead of the eyeshadow brush... But that just tells me that when I want something, just get it. Esp if the return policy at the store is flexible.

You can see my plaid shirt in the mirror, haha
The palette has been around for nearly a year (I was going to say 6 months, but I looked up the Naked palette and the first swatches I see were June 2010, crazy!)
but here are the colors anyway:
Virgin (pale, shimmery nude beige)
Sin (champagne)
Naked (matte light brown)
Sidecar (shimmery bronzy brown)
Buck (matte medium brown)
Half Baked (coppery bronze)
Smog (shimmery brown) included in Preen shadow box
Darkhorse (dark chocolate brown with bronze shimmer)
Toast (shimmery medium brown with pink shimmer) included in Preen shadow box
Hustle (shimmery brown with purple tones)
Creep (black with silver + blue shimmer)
Gunmetal (charcoal with a blue undertone)

And contains a Karma eyeshadow brush
and a mini size UD Primer Potion (0.13 oz / 3.7 ml)

Do I really need to swatch this? I feel like every other blogger has this palette and have swatched it long before I received mine.


  1. Yay, you finally got Naked! (no pun intended) I kinda wanted to get this at first, but I really don't use eyeshadow that often so I felt I didn't really need it. How cool, it comes with a brush instead of the dual-ended liner!

    I'm glad to be back too. :)

  2. @ Maggie Haha that's what I thought at first but seeing it everywhere on Youtube just enabled me, plus I had a giftcard so it wasn't THAT bad. I wish they kept the eyeliner I prefer the $1 E.L.F. eyeshadow brushes


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