Saturday, June 18, 2011

Review. E.L.F. Studio Complete Coverage concealer

Shown in Light
For my undereyes, I used the 3rd color which has a bit of a peachy tone to it

- Different undertones in the color (yellow, peach)
- Inexpensive

- Sheer coverage
- Greasy feeling

This comes with a small mirror and a small brush. The brush isn't very dense so it's not great for packing on concealer. The coverage of this is not nearly enough to be called a concealer, more of a corrector. I do find that for the undereyes the "greasiness" of it isn't too bad, but to prevent creasing it's better to apply a translucent powder afterwards. Most of what this concealer claims to be are false, there's no way you can use this for blemishes and actually see much of a difference.
I would skip out on this and get a drugstore concealer that works. I personally like the Maybelline SuperStay and the Almay Clear Complexion.

$3 for 0.19 oz / 5.4 g (1.35 g each)


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