Friday, July 29, 2011

My CVS online order

Vichy Dermablend Corrective foundation SPF 20 in 15 Opal (lightest shade) 
$29.50 retail (I got it for $24.12 including shipping, but it was 25% off and I had $5 extra bucks - still probably the most expensive foundation in the drugstore)
I usually hate paying shipping, but I learned over time that it's better to pay the $5 shipping instead of buying a bunch of stuff I won't use to get free shipping.
I found Lisa Eldridge on Youtube, and she used it in an acne covering video and as well as another video that had spot covering. I did not see this product anywhere in stores near me, so I went online and was pleasantly surprised by the sale they had.

This foundation is supposed to be full coverage yet doesn't cause more breakouts. I plan using it as a concealer :)
I used to be iffy about using SPF makeup only on some spots but I found out you need to put on a thick layer  to actually get the protection, so I shouldn't get paler spots on my face or something.

There's actually a Dermablend version of the same thing sold at Ulta, Macy's and probably some select department stores. I looked at the ingredients and it's exactly the same, except Dermablend has 6 or 8 colors while Vichy Dermablend has 4, go figure.

Haven't tried it yet but am planning to do a review soon.

Surprisingly they included some samples too, Salma Hayak's Nuance eyeshadow + coupon and some Always pads + coupons

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