Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Review: Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black (before and after pics included)

Left eye

Right eye

Like I wrote in the first picture, please excuse the proportions, I need to get better at taking pictures at the same distance (I hold it with my hands, so the distance varies A LOT)

- Not clumpy
- Defining
- Decent size classic bristle wand

- Not a lot of volume
- Very subtle difference in length
- Smudges on my outer undereye (see explanation in Verdict)

Because of the way my eyes are shaped (as I learned from a comment on YT), mascaras always smudge on me, it's usually a degree of how badly it smudges. In my experience, CoverGirl mascaras smudge the least but out of the 2 CG waterproof mascaras I've ever tried both still smudged on me.
This mascara doesn't hold a curl on my lashes extremely well, but at least it doesn't make my lashes fall flat, which a lot of washable mascaras do. On that note, this mascara also comes off very easily with water and facial wash.
One thing I'd like to note about this mascara is that it feels light on my lashes. A lot of times mascaras feel slightly irritating on my lashes unless it's a really fresh tube, not sure if that's because my eyes are sensitive or what.

$14.50 for (I'm assuming) 0.26 oz for the typical mascara
Could be more since mine is the sample size at 0.14 oz / 4 g

Probably not, I'm not into high end mascara and this one's very natural looking.
I find that over time my eyelashes hold a curl better on their own compared to with a mascara, so I don't even use mascaras these days.

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