Friday, August 26, 2011

Review & Application: Revlon PhotoReady liquid foundation

The flash was actually unintended for this photo, I forgot to turn it off. But I figured it doesn't hurt to see what the shimmers look like in the bottle.

What the pump looks like

Enlarge to read the ingredients

Applied with fingers

- Medium coverage
- Slightly dewy finish (con for some)
- Easy control with the pump

- Accentuate flakes / dry skin
- White cast in photography

$10-14 for 1 oz / 30 ml

Overall: B
I was convinced to buy this foundation after fuzkittie on Youtube said the texture very smooth. I should've realized that with her perfect skin, foundations look amazing no matter what.
If you have acne and post-acne scars like I do, this won't cover everything. And since I am using a benzoyl peroxide treatment, the foundation accentuates dry spots and flakes that I didn't even know was there.
This foundation is infamous for the shimmer it contains. It looks luminous in daylight (to me) and much more shimmery in flash photography. I've read several times that this foundation runs light in color, so if you are interested in trying it, definitely go a shade up from what you usually use.

I did not put SPF 20 as a pro or con. I have said this before and will say it again, you won't get the full SPF protection in any face makeup product unless you apply a liberal amount as you would a sunscreen, which tends to look heavy or cakey. Most people don't want a cakey foundation, and won't get the full protection that it is labeled as.
If you have the Revlon ColorStay liquid foundation, I've read on lollipop26's blog that mixing it with PhotoReady makes the perfect foundation. Let me know if you try that out, since I don't personally own ColorStay.
All in all, if you have perfect skin, you might find this foundation looking beautiful on your skin. Personally, I prefer concealer with a powder foundation instead of a medium-coverage liquid.

Also as a quick FYI, this bottle is not reusable (to my surprise), since the pump doesn't twist off. Kind of sad actually because I would love to put a foundation in a bottle like this.


Recommendation time!
If you know of a good moisturizer that doubles as a primer for face makeup, please let me know. I don't enjoy applying primer before foundation, so a priming moisturizer would be great.

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