Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Review: Physician's Formula Mineral Correcting Powder

As I said in my Pur Minerals foundation review (linked here), I really don't see the point of these kinds of compacts, you can't access the mirror and the powder at the same time unless you're using it at a very awkward angle.

Shown in Translucent

L to R
Skintone shade, yellow shade, pink shade, green shade
(this is a few layers of powder, it's not that pigmented with one swipe)

As you can tell, all three correctors and the skintone shade all look very light on my skin. For some reason the two Physician's Formula correcting powders I've tried (see my review of the other one here) both run kind of white (it can probably be used as a matte highlighter)
As far as the color correcting goes, I don't see a huge difference but it does help very subtly.

- Not cakey
- Powder feels creamy to the touch

- No significant difference in skin tone
- Runs very light (or at least, the shade Translucent does)
- Limited color selection

$10-14 for 0.29 oz / 8.2 g

Overall: C
I'll probably use this under my mineral powder foundations for the sake of using it up.
I used a buy one get one free coupon with this, and if they hadn't limited to face powders I might not have tried this. As cool as the little swirls look, this doesn't really do anything other than lighten the appearance of my skin. It doesn't control oil particularly well, and they only have shades up to maybe NC/NW25. The only reason I can see someone buying this is because it is a mineral product.


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