Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Review: Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Forever Stay Moisture lip gloss

The applicator isn't the typical doe-foot, it is more like a slanted paddle that doesn't apply too much product at once, which is nice.

Shown in Sugar Cookie (peach with slightly frosty shimmer)
I'm not sure why they named it Sugar Cookie, since it's not relevant to the color or the scent or the color.

- Glossy
- Decent pigmentation
- More long wearing than some lip glosses
- Artificial fruity scent (con for some)

- Slightly drying
- Thick texture
- Uncomfortable wear
- Shimmer can look frosty when gloss is layered (pro for some)

These glosses remind me a lot of the Victoria's Secret lip glosses, which are very glossy but drying. These aren't quite as drying and are more pigmented, but for $10 in the drugstore I think you can do better with a gloss like Revlon Super Lustrous.
Although the whole Sally Hansen by Carmindy line is supposed to be natural, it is unclear whether the makeup is supposed to be natural looking or made with natural ingredients. Combine that with the relatively high prices for drugstore... And most people don't buy it. I've seen quite a few products from this line go on clearance.
If you were looking for a long-wearing, moisturizing gloss (as the name stays), this only hits the longer wear and dries out the lips a little. I've yet to see a perfect formula for lip glosses that wears well and is moisturizing, since most glosses tend to be too thin (moisturizing) or too thick (drying).

Overall: B

$10 for 0.22 oz / 6.6 ml
Made in Taiwan, I thought that was interesting.


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