Sunday, August 21, 2011

Review & Swatches: Nuance Salma Hayek Color Vibrance lipstick in Coral


Shown in Coral

When I saw the lipstick color in the tube, I thought there was no way this was going to look like a true coral. On the lips, it reminds me of Revlon Coral Reef (see swatches here).

Once the lipstick fades

Product description:
Ultra-rich, creamy color leaves lips softer, smoother and fuller in a single sweep formulated with Vitamin E nourishment and moisture-lock protection

- Smooth texture
- Very light-feeling on the lips
- Buildable color
- Very natural-looking (stained look)
- Slight sheen finish
- Moisturizing

- Settles into fine lines of lips
- Limited color selection (as of August 2011)
- Swatch on the bottom is lighter than actual color

~$10 for 0.12 oz / 3.4 g
I feel like 0.12 oz is replacing 0.15 oz as the standard lipstick size, sooo many lipsticks are 0.12 oz these days. It doesn't matter THAT much though since I don't go through lipsticks quickly.

Overall: A-
As much as I like the texture and finish of this, $10 is a lot for a drugstore lipstick. Luckily CVS stores are promoting Nuance products at the moment, and I got mine on a buy one get one free (will review the other product - Smooth Start Skin Primer - soon). The products from this line aren't cheap at all, I think the cheapest item I saw was the lip gloss (for $7+), which reminds me of the pricing of Neutrogena cosmetics. I did notice that they're labeled paraben-free and fragrance-free though.
I like how unique the texture and quality of the lipstick is, it's kind of how I imagine a good lip stain to be. It feels like nothing on my lips, very different from creamy lipsticks out on the market. Sadly it settles into the fine lines of my lips, and it has an interesting very, very light scent (it reminds me of another lipstick, I'll let you know when I remember).

Maybe when it's on sale, or if I actually ever use up a bullet of lipstick.


  1. It looks really pretty, but I agree, that's too pricey for a drugstore lipstick! x

  2. I personally love all of her line! The lipsticks go on very smooth, not sticky and if you wait for coupons and buy one get one free at CVS its a great buy. Just have to look for the sales.

  3. @ Lauren Baker I agree, I probably wouldn't buy it for the retail price.

    @ Katie That reminds me I found a coupon in my wallet AFTER buying this lol, so much for that


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