Friday, September 9, 2011

REVIEW | Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser

The texture is very runny, but lathers surprisingly well

As you can tell, it has 2% salicylic acid, common to most acne gel cleansers

- Lathers very well
- Fresh scent
- Tingles slightly if you have it on for longer
- Gentle (not drying)

- Didn't help much with my acne
- T-zone doesn't feel clean

$5-7 for 6.7 oz / 198 ml

Overall: B-
I liked how this cleanser lathered up because I like the foamy feel, but this didn't not make my skin feel clean. In the morning I'd use it and notice that the pores on my nose look very dirty, particularly in the crevices where I usually don't have much problems anymore. It seems fine for the rest of my face but I actually feel like this gave me bumps on my forehead because it didn't clean that well. The second ingredient in the cleanser is glycerin, which is why it doesn't dry my cheeks out, and it also has methylparaben, which I wasn't aware of until recently. As an all-over cleanser, I can't say I like it.
I am kind of disappointed because this is heavily advertised in magazines I've seen and it won an Allure award. 

However, skin care is subjective and works differently for everyone. I'd say if you have less than oily skin you might like this. I personally don't think it cleansed my oily t-zone that much.


If you loved this, let me know why!

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