Sunday, September 11, 2011

Review: Merlot Night Cream

- Non greasy
- Gel-cream texture
- Absorbs quickly
- Light grape scent (con for some)
- Paraben free

- Too thin to be anti-aging
- Too light to be a "night cream"

$20 for 4 oz / 118 ml
Sold at Walgreens and Ulta, as of September 2011

Overall: B+
I first heard about this from xteeener on Youtube, and I was never really intrigued because of the $20 price tag and the anti-aging properties. I ended up getting this for $10 on clearance at Ulta because Merlot has repackaged this moisturizer. My cheeks are less oily than my t-zone, and I found that this wasn't really moisturizing enough as a night cream, even in the summer, although I do love using this as a day cream when I'm staying at home doing homework for the majority of the day. If they add SPF to this formula, it'd be the perfect day moisturizer for me.
I enjoy the scent of grapes, and this is very very lightly scented (after a while, you don't even notice it), but I know some people might be turned off by that.

Some people might also be concerned about the jar packaging, since it seems unsanitary. Whenever you put something on your face, your hands should always be clean (hand sanitizer doesn't count in my opinion, just wash your hands with antibacterial soap). I have seen a video by a dermatologist on Youtube saying that a jar isn't any less clean than a pump or tube, they have some kind of ingredient that would prevent bacteria from eating up the moisturizer. Although maybe that concerns some people that those ingredients may not be the best for the skin.
As far as anti-aging goes, this claims to "reverse deep lines and wrinkles... promote collagen formation and  skin elasticity." I personally don't think something this thin with a gel-cream texture could be effective on wrinkles, but if you're in your early to late 20s this would probably be a nice prevention cream during the day (since, like I said, it's not exactly moisturizing enough for a night cream unless you have very oily skin).

For reference, I am turning 19 soon with acne-prone skin, and this hasn't broken me out.


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