Monday, September 12, 2011

Review: Merlot Grapeseed moisturizer SPF 15

For some reason there's little specks in mine, idk if it's dried up moisturizer or something happened in there... But it hasn't given my face any problems.

As you can tell, it has petrolatum and dimethicone (silicone based ingredient)
and zinc oxide (as a sunblock ingredient, I'm assuming since nothing else looks familiar as an active sunblock ingredient)

- Gel texture
- Fast absorbing
- SPF 15
- Lightly scented of grapes (con for some)

- Not moisturizing enough on cheeks

$15 for 4 oz / 118 ml
Sold at Walgreens and Ulta as of September 2011.

Overall: B+
This day moisturizer claims to have anti-wrinkle properties. I personally don't think something this thin could do much for wrinkles, although my skin does feel slightly tighter after it is absorbed (still unsure whether it's from the anti-wrinkle properties or it's just not moisturizing enough).
Although the price is less than desirable (pricey for drugstore), the scent, texture and SPF is excellent. This is very similar to the night cream (see review here) but not as moisturizing. If they add SPF to the night cream it might be the perfect day moisturizer for me. 
If you have very oily skin this might be great for you, I personally prefer a little bit more moisture, but I do like using this on my t-zone.

Probably not.

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