Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Jewelmint Ornamint came in

Desert Rose necklace
Lady Noir rings

I am underwhelmed by this purchase, although I do like the fact that it's supposed to be a surprise
I would've like the aqua bomb ring, or something that I would've actually chosen to purchase

I can see myself wearing the brown-jewel ring some time, but the green is a little "bright" for me, esp with the jewel being so big.

I think the necklace is neat, but impractical... What could I actually wear this with? The model on the website was wearing a black top with this tied like a rope, I think I prefer wearing it like this.

A lot of coupon codes, they're all buy one get % off though which is a totally turn off for me -_-

For some reason they only included the info card for the rings, nothing about the necklace

I just read my email carefully and apparently you had to order before November 30th, sorry everyone who missed my tweets!


  1. The rings are pretty. that would go great with a vintage style outfitXD

  2. Thanks for the idea! I will see if I can put together something vintage from my closet lol


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