Monday, December 19, 2011

Quilted purse + wristlet

I've been really into quilted things, since I recently purchased my first Coach product, as some of you may have seen on Twitter
Retail: $118
Macy's F&F sale: $88.50 + tax
I thought this was expensive at first, but Coach's real wallets are even more, the one I liked was like $200, and I thought "... I'll go with the wristlet" since it's more convenient anyway.
In my defense of buying this, my other wallet broke.
So when I saw this Nine West quilted purse (linked here) on sale at Macy's, I had to get it
Retail: $69
On sale: $51.75 at the time
Use Macy's card event: $41.40

Leopard print inside, not really my thing but not terrible
The exterior is PVC, which seems to be a trend with bags these days, does anyone still make real leather that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?

I also thought the chain detail was interesting


  1. cute purses!
    i am into quited things as well.
    i wanna get a big matte bubble bag. ;)


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