Friday, January 20, 2012

Review & Application: Almay Clear Complexion concealer


Shown in 01 Light
For reference I am about an NC20 in MAC, typically the 2nd lightest shade in a foundation, possibly the lightest depending on the shade range.

As you can tell, it definitely accentuates any dryness/flakes on your skin, like most base makeup.

Excuse the grossness of my acne-prone cheek, I still haven't figured out a solution for acne... Let me know if you have any tips!

- Medium to full coverage
- Contains salicylic acid
- Wears well throughout the day
- Doesn't oxidize (on its own)

- Only 3 shades available
- Stopper very loose for the wand
- Doesn't really cover acne scars

$5-8 for 0.18 oz / 5.3 ml

Overall: B+
This doesn't cover my acne scars that well (I think because it doesn't grab onto the uneven surface of the scars very well) but it covers redness and active acne spots, and when worn on top of the L'egere BB cream (review here), which I've been using whenever I wear face makeup, the coverage is very nice.

I don't often set the concealer with powder because this one time I used the E.L.F. Studio HD powder (review here) to set and it oxidized to an orange-toned shade later on in the day. I think it's probably fine when set with a skin-tone powder, but I often don't have time in the morning anyway.
I also hate looking like I have makeup on, so I overblend concealers and foundations, to a point where the coverage is half-gone. This one can be blended to a natural look, but as you can see in the photos the coverage is sheerer.

As I wrote in the cons, the stopper in the tube is not really tight enough, I suspect this dries out faster than other liquid concealers out there, but I haven't had it long enough to see. Plus the sides of the wand get a lot of concealer on it over time.


Would I recommend it?


  1. Have you tried neutrogena oil free acne wash? That was pretty effective for me. Or if it persists, have you heard of Accutane? This obviously requires doctor's prescription and alot of research beforehand to understand the risks and side effects, but was the solution for me as well.

    Your reviews are really thorough by the way!

    I am a new follower.:) please take a look at my blog and subscribe if you like what you see!

  2. @ sunikins I have the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Oil Free Acne Wash, which is nice for cleansing but I don't find it helps with acne too much. I have heard of Accutane as well, but I also heard it is extreme and makes your skin super dry. I actually got an oral medication prescription from a doctor but haven't gone to get the prescription filled bc I'm scared of side effects.

    Thanks! I am glad I provide enough information :)
    I followed your blog already, I love the way you take photos

  3. Thanks for following!:) I used the original oil free acne wash, and it was effective. Now I use the pink grapefruit scrub, and it doesn't work so well - but then it also could be that back then my skin reacted better to the wash.

    About accutane, yes it is extreme I must say, and super dry. But very effective. I would say it is a good last resort. But let know if you have more questions about the medication as I have personally used it for about 6-9 months I forget.

    Another effective topical lotion is persa-gel by clean and clear for cystic pimples. For pimples that can be squeezed, I apply vitamin E oil after squeezing for it to heal better and faster.

    Sorry for long comment, just wanting to share whatever my own experience is and I really hope to help in anyway.:)


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