Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Peter Thomas Roth x Hello Kitty

Hope I'm not overloading Hello Kitty on you guys
But my dad came back with a lot of goodies from my cousins, among them is the skincare set that's China exclusive (maybe Asia?)
Left to right
Rose Repair Precious Cream ($75 at Sephora USA)
Rose Repair Cleansing Gel ($38 at Sephora USA)
Rose Repair Balancing Essence Water - I couldn't find this on the Sephora US website, must be available in Asia... Or it's discontinued here?

I was super excited to have this
Except I realized that they basically put a Hello Kitty sticker on their normally sold products... Something I could've easily done with the regular rose line from Sephora (see below) for like $50 less! The import tax in China is crazy, plus Sephora goes on sale for 20% off here.

Will report back with a review, but the repair cream looks promising


  1. ehhhh that's sad to hear it's Just stickers....I would totally buy something if the HelloKitty print is permanent. Actually two months ago I did get a Hello Kitty Mascara (by BrowLash Ex) HK Lash tonic (DHC) and a Tweety Lash serum from Avance.

    1. Omg! I think I saw that in Japantown in SF but the mascara was a bit pricey so I got some HK contact solution, makeup removing liquid and loose powder instead


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