Sunday, January 15, 2012

Review & Swatches: Maybelline Moisture Extreme lipstick

Petal: Fuchsia pink (cream)
Cool Watermelon: Bright coral red (cream)

Sugar Plum Ice: frosty pink nude (shimmer)
Nude Blush: medium nude (cream)
Born with It: Pink with golden sheen and purple undertone (sheen)

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Born with It
vs Maybelline Color Sensational Born with It
The Color Sensational one looks much more wearable, but on the lips it's very gritty, see my review & lip swatches here

- Moisturizing
- Smooth texture
- SPF 15
- Decent pigmentation
- Good color selection

- Not long wearing

Overall: A
This is one of the few products I own that I can give a solid A, although if it was long-wearing it would get an A+. I feel that it was very underrated, which is probably why Maybelline discontinued it -_-
It has an HG (holy grail) lipstick texture, like a thin lip balm but with a ton of pigment. Unfortunately the color selection wasn't amazing, although Sugar Plum Ice is definitely my favorite. If they had more colors on the lighter end of the spectrum, like light pinks or skin tone nude with a cream finish, it would definitely have been more popular.

If you can find this in a color you like, definitely give it a try! I think Maybelline will bring this line of lipsticks back under a different name... As they have done in the past decade according to some reviews I've seen.

Sadly these are discontinued

Would I recommend it?
Yes, if you happen to spot them somewhere

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