Friday, February 3, 2012

Jewelmint Cupid Kit (expired moisturizer)

What it comes with:
- Pink "one-size fits all" camisole
- Weleda Wild Rose moisturizer, 1 oz / 30 ml (they say "top selling beauty product from luxury brands like Weleda and Laura Mercier"); I have been eyeing this at Target though so no complaints that I got it here
- A candy necklace
- A best selling Jewelmint piece

The one I happened to get are these Wonderland Earrings, which, surprisingly, I like better than the other two pieces I bought recently, the Diving Belle earrings (pictures here) and the Starlet Set (to be posted).

L: Back of earring, R: Front

Don't know about you guys, but when I saw these on the website I was kind of ehh they're nice but not worth $29.99. Along with this kit it's not too too bad,and they actually look nice on.
The clasp is a bit different from the typical dangling earrings I've seen, and it could hurt a little bit when you close the clasp if you aren't careful.

If you're interested, Jewelmint has this offer here for $29.99
I think this would be a great gift, assuming the person likes jewelry... Although the exterior packaging isn't the prettiest (it came in a plain, white cardboard box)

Wanna see something I found?

Yeah. It's about to expire. Or maybe it already did.
I wonder why Jewelmint did this... Or why the company did this...

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