Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Unnecessary Haulage -_-

Disclaimer: Prices listed below are retail, I purchased all these with a discount

Viva La Juicy La Fleur eau de toilette ($95)
On the fence about keeping this because even with my discount it's a little expensive
The roller ball comes with Viva La Juicy (original) and La Fleur. I usually don't like floral scents but this one's nice

Origins Zero Oil
- Deep pore cleanser ($20)
- Pore purifying toner ($20)
- Oil free moisture lotion ($26.50)
- Super spot remover ($14.50 - review here)

Naked 2 Palette ($50)
I finally cracked and bought it for myself after buying it twice for other people. I don't know if I'll actually use it since I'm the type to not use expensive makeup unless it's a special occasion... But with the discount I got I am happy to finally own it :)

Origins Sensory Therapy
Gift with purchase, not sure how much it costs but it's supposed to help with headaches if you apply it to your temples

Origins Let It Go set ($32.50)
Origins Vitazing SPF 15 (1 oz size - review here)
Origins GinZing Brightening mascara (sample size)
Tried this in the store and loved how it holds a curl, review soon!
GinZing eye cream ($30)
As you can tell I am kind of getting into Origins, their prices are actually reasonable and it's all natural, hehe. 


Betsy Johnson earrings ($30)
Got these on sale for like $8, score! I think the monkeys are so adorable

MAC Sheen Supreme lipstick in Gotta Dash! ($16)
Been wanting this since it came out last year, it's a lovely apricot that isn't too bright on me
MAC eyeshadow in Copperplate ($15)
Xteeener used this wayyy back in the day for her brows, I can't justify shelling out $22 for an Anastasia brow powder so I'll have to settle with Copperplate, which will hopefully last longer

Shiseido sample sizes
Got it as a gift with purchase since my mom uses their eye cream, these sizes are so adorable
White Lucent Brightening Moisturizing Emulsion
Own this, not holy grail but I def like it, I keep wanting to try out this line but Shiseido is SO expensive!
White Lucent Brightening Cleansing Foam
White Lucent Balancing Softener

Kenneth Cole watch ($115)
I thought this was so cool looking with the see-through face. There is no second-hand on this watch, which I think is pretty cool (no loud ticking!)
Macy's is having a 25% off on almost everything in the store so I encourage everyone to get their name-brand handbags and watches there! Sale through December 3rd. I wanted to get a Michael Kors watch but all their stuff is a little too blingy for me


Have you been spending a lot of money for the holidays as well? I feel like I didn't even buy a lot of presents for other people yet -_- and I'm already broke. AHH


  1. I wanted to get the Naked 2 pallet so bad! but I just couldn't justify it enough to get it :( maybe soon in the near future!

  2. Nice haul! There's a little bit of everything here. I spent some money on Friday online with all those deals. I don't even know if I have enough money for Christmas shopping now...LOL.

  3. @Ashley hit me up!
    @Maggie right?? So broke lol


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