Monday, December 3, 2012

Little Black Bag: My Thoughts

Hi everyone,
After hearing sooo many people talk about the Little Black Bag on Youtube, I finally cracked and tried it after losing my sunglasses.
They have 2 choices:
$29.95 or $49.95 for an item you get to chose and 2 mystery items
I chose the $49.95, and I am still somewhat neutral about the website.

- Good deal IF you like the items you get
- Trade goes on before your items are shipped, which can be fun
- New items appear on the site everyday
- You can pay $59.95 for one time rather than having to skip it every month for $49.95 (I personally don't find this a problem as long as you make an alarm on your phone)

- Not a too many name brands, so you can't be 100% of their quality
- Personally, I haven't seen THAT many cute pieces that I would actually spend money on - you know when you think something is cute, but don't like it enough to buy it? That's generally how I feel about most items on that website
- $50 a month is a bit steep... If you don't work regularly

What I got:

Guess sunglasses (retail value $90)
I actually quite like these sunglasses, perfect shape and size for my face. The sunglasses are very well constructed with good weight on the plastic, unlike all my cheapy sunglasses from this booth called NYC that I've seen in several malls. The sides have a little G, which is a nice touch.

Nila Anthony Bow Crossbody (retail value $62)
WAY larger than I expected, which could be a good thing since I tend to carry everything with it. The strap is detachable so this could turn into a clutch. I think this is really cute but am concerned that the metal part will wear out with use (should've thought about that while I was trading but this is probably one of the cuter pieces)

Something cool about the website, when you trade your items with other users, it gives you a diagnostic of how much each item is so you can see if the trade is worth it (in the end though, the numeric value is only a number... Whether it is worth it depends on how much you like it and whether you will get enough use out of it)
In the end, I don't necessarily regret the items I bought, but it'll be a while until I feel like "playing" again.

Have you tried Little Black Bag? What are your thoughts?

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