Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Review: Hera UV Mist Cushion Summer Proof in C23

For whatever reason, these cushion BB creams seem all the rave right now, and I got to try the Hera one for a cheaper price since I traveled in Asia.

SPF 50
Dewy finish
Stays on skin after blotting
Light to medium coverage
Minimizes appearance of pores

No oil control
Somewhat strong fragrance at first
Rubs off on clothes

$40-45 for two 0.5 oz / 15 g (1 oz total)

I like this for a quick on the go SPF 50 BB cream, but for a long wearing foundation this doesn't keep my oil at bay. Personally, I found the best method to apply this is using the sponge it comes with, which is not hard to clean. I have tried with my fingers and the coverages isn't as good because your fingers absorb a bit of the product.
Although it minimizes the appearance of my pores, the coverage for freckles and acne scars is not great, although when your complexion is even, most people don't notice and observe as closely as the photo shown above. This makes my skin look very dewy and fresh, if only my skin didn't become oily within a matter of a few hours. With a good setting powder this could work really well in the summer.
I also like how it comes with two refills, so it'll last me quite a while.

If I don't find a better cushion SPF BB cream, yes.

Would I recommend it?
Not in particular. If you have normal to dry skin the cushion BBs might work well for you

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