Friday, May 29, 2015

REVIEW | Too Faced Better than False Lashes


Bare Lashes | 1st coat of mascara | With fibers | 2nd coat of mascara

Holds my curl

Not really volumnizing
Makes lashes feel brittle
Gets stuck with my bottom lashes when I blink

$15 at Costco
$30 something elsewhere? The new Lash Extreme version is $35

The mascara itself has a thin, wet formula so it doesn't really do much if you only use the mascara. The fibers are ok. I took this off after like 15 minutes of wearing it, it's very uncomfortable.
For the work you have to do it's better to use a regular mascara, like the Maybelline Lash Sensational waterproof (review here), which is my new favorite.

I saw a review by Beauty Broadcast that after several uses the fibers kind of get stuck in the mascara so it doesn't work as well. All in all a flawed product, maybe I'll try a regular mascara that claims to have fibers in it instead.

Unless you have naturally perfect lashes, false lashes probably still look better.

No. I wish I could return this

Would I recommend it?

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