Thursday, May 28, 2015

REVIEW | Simple Micellar Water

After removing some foundation and concealer on a cotton pad

Gentle on skin
Not drying
Removes non-water resistant eye makeup

Doesn't remove waterproof makeup
Doesn't remove ALL traces of makeup

$6 for 6.7 oz / 198 ml at Target

I enjoy using this as a makeup remover when I don't want to wash my face yet. It doesn't remove every trace of face makeup unless you go over your face at least twice. I usually soak the cotton pad in the micellar water, use one side of the cotton pad, then go over it again with the other side. 

I've seen Ingrid and other Youtubers say you can use this instead of a cleanser in the morning, but for oily skinned girls like me, my face still feels a bit icky and I'd rather have the comfort of cleaning my face with water and a cleanser. I think I'd like this a lot as a toner, but I have too many toners right now so I'll just use it on occasion to remove makeup.


Would I recommend it?
Yes, but I will try other micellar waters to see the difference

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