Saturday, September 26, 2015

REVIEW | Maybelline Master Conceal Camouflaging concealer

Top left: bare face w sunscreen
Top bottom: 1 application of concealer
Right: 2 layers of concealer

Buildable coverage
Natural looking
Long lasting
Sanitary tube
Doesn't oxidize on skin

Might be hard to tell your color without a tester

~$7-9 for 0.4 oz / 12 ml

Rating: A
As you can tell I have A LOT of acne scars. I used to use a BB cream/foundation then apply concealer, but recently I've been kind of lazy and just using concealer and a powder foundation. I find that this actually works well with my skincare routine right now.
If you're looking for a good drugstore concealer, this would definitely be one of the better ones I've tried, the Almay one is good too but has only 3 shades (review here). I personally prefer liquid concealer for acne and scarring because it looks more natural than cream/stick concealers I've tried. The texture of this one is thick enough to provide coverage but not so thick it looks dry/flaky on your skin (granted you exfoliate your skin, of course). It's also not too drying for your undereye, although I don't use undereye concealer as much, out of personal preference.

Yes, but there's new concealers coming out all the time

Would I recommend it?

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