Thursday, September 10, 2015

REVIEW | Shu Uemura POREraser UV SPF 35 PA+++ underbase mousse

Reduces oil on my face more than anything else I've tried
Reduces appearance of pores
Matte base for foundation

Need to apply quickly, or else it dries too fast
Slight white cast
Feels drying with no moisturizer

~$20 for 20g on Ebay
~$40 for 50g
This isn't sold on the American Shu Uemura website, I got it at the airport in Hong Kong

I really liked this during the summer for the SPF 35 and oil-reducing qualities. I could wear this all day and my face would be barely dewy at night. However, if you don't use a moisturizer underneath this could feel very dry. And if you don't work quickly, the mousse dries on your face before you can blend the tint out. The pump is also a bit hard to control, I often get too much or not enough.
As far as a primer, I don't think it's amazing for foundation to go on, but it is my go-to if I'm going to be out all day and don't want to worry about blotting my face.

One gripe I do have now that I am starting to get freckles, SPF35 doesn't last all day, I have to touch up with a SPF powder before hour 6 hits, so keep that in mind

Probably not

Would I recommend it?

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